Results are back finally!

My biopsy has shown CIN3 so I'm now down for an urgent appointment to have a Lletz under GA

I know by reading things on here if incorrect I'll have the Lletz then they'll test those cells too? Is that right? 




Yes, they'll test the cells they remove. This helps them to see if they've removed it all as some of the cells they have collected should show no abnormal cells (clear margins).

I got my results back just under 4 weeks after my Lletz for CIN 3. They didn't mention Margin's on mine but said it should have been adequate which I assume is the same kind of thing.

Have you had your appointment through yet? I got my pre-op appointment after a week and then had my lletz less than a week later :) xx 

Hiya no iv not got my appointment through yet iv just literally spoken to the consultant lol! 

iv plauged their life all weEl about getting my results she said I should be in for the actual op within two weeks as they don't like to leave it too long

so I'll have the Lletz then those will be tested then it's waiting for those results? 



Ah ok. You should get it through pretty soon. I had a long wait in between biopsies and my lletz because the nurse that took my biopsies could see I needed in under general but forgot to put it on the computer notes. So when I arrived for my Lletz under local (which they hadn't rushed at all because they didn't think they needed to), they saw they couldnt do it and put me down for general. Then it was less than 2 weeks in total :)

Yeah i'm afraid there will be even more waiting for results again. It's an annoyingly long process when they don't do the treatment at the colposcopy. Mines been 3 months in total, but you won't have anyway near that long if you already know your definitey having it under general.

Hope it all goes ok :) xx

Glad you've finally got your results lola! !

The cells removed during lletz will be tested for clear margins - to check they got all the bad cells.

Since you've had biopsies already and they've come back as cin 3, I'd say that's all it is - they Def don't think it's cc :-)

Some of us, like me, had Colposcopy And lletz on same day,  and these are sent off instead of biopsy.

Hope you Get your appointment through soon xx

Thanaked for your reply hopefully you'll get your results soon as we all know waiting is the worst part,


im im a bit nervous for the procedure but I'll be asleep so won't have a clue, do you experience any pain afterwards? 



I had a few cramps but then came on my period shortly after so that could be attributed to that, so to be honest can't really say. However, it wasn't any worse for me than usual period aches so I probably would have experienced very little pain if I'd have been elsewhere in my cycle.

Now, five days on - no pain or cramps what so ever and period is pretty normal I'd say.