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Hi Ladies,

First off I'd like to thank everyone on this fantastic forum for being so brave and honest about what you are all going through. So far I've been silent whilst trying to deal with the stress of waiting for tests and results but reading everyone’s stories and sharing information has really helped me so I feel I now have a duty to share my story so far and hope that it helps those either in a similar situation or just at the beginning of the process.

I went for my smear test on 8th July 2013 as I’ve been putting it off for a few years and was having problems with unusual bleeding and needing my Mirena removed. When I went I was told I missed my last smear 3 years ago (tut tut). During the smear the nurse noticed erosion of the cervix and mentioned this might be what has been causing post intercourse bleeding but not to worry.

Two weeks later 23rd July I received My smear results showing borderline cell changes,  high risk HPV infection and that an appointment has already been made for me to attend the hospital for Colposcopy.

Three weeks later 20th August I went along for my Colposcopy which wasn’t bad at all. Although very nervous about what to expect, the nurses are very reassuring. I was asked a few simple questions about periods, unusual bleeding and any other medical information then asked to undress from the waist down and place my legs in stirrups (keeping my modesty covered) . The Colposcopy nurse explained all she was going to do was have a good look at the cervix using a magnifying camera and to help see any cell changes she would wipe my cervix with a fluid that would highlight any abnormalities. (None of this hurt and you can see what is happening on a screen if you choose to watch).

During my colposcopy the majority of my cervix was showing cell changes and that Biopsies were needed. I only had two biopsies which did hurt slightly and were cauterized immediately so not to bleed. I was told that Id need surgery under General Anaesthetic to remove the affected area, but not to worry as she thought it was only CIN2 .

I had very mild cramps for a good week after and slight bleeding, the only pain i felt was the waiting for the results.

More that 6 weeks past (30th Sept) and after phoning and phoning I was finally put through to my colposcopist who explained that the results were CIN3 and I have an infection , my consultant still wants to perform surgery under GA as the area affected is quite extensive.  So  now I wait for surgery but still haven’t a clue on when its going to be and what type of surgery it is, my fear is that its worse but until its removed I can only but wait and deal with the next step.

 Hope this Helps

From Happyfeet xx

Hi HappyFeet (love your username btw),

Its a bit unfair of them to just say "surgery under GA" and not elaborate on it. I hope they don't keep you waiting too long. Surely you'll get a letter soon to confirm everything, but if not, the phone calls worked the first time so maybe call again?

I hope you get some answers very soon xxx

Hi jjcarnage,

Thanks for your support :) Its been a nightmare chasing people for information, iVe just phoned again and found out ive an appoitment on the 4th Nov but couldnt tell me if it was for surgery or just pre op. I dont even know if i need a pre op!! Anyway fingers crossed I hear soon.

I do hope you dont have to wait too much longer for your results, if not just keep pestering them :) 



Oh god, so you have a date but they didn't tell you what its for? Please let there be a letter en route to you ASAP!

Thank you, they told me 3 weeks for results which will bring it to next Tuesday, so even though I'm rushing home each day to check the post, I'll give them until then before I start the phone calls :)


Hi there

Thanks for sharing :-)

Sounds similar to me! When I had my smear she said I had an consultant confirmed this at colposcopy and said it was ulcerated (nice) and bled to touch. I was so frightened at the time as I had no idea what it all meant and if it was linked. Anyway.....when my results came back (biopsies confirmed CIN1/2) I was also told I would have to have Lletz under general (Had this yesterday by the way)....although I didnt have a huge number of cells they were located on outer part of cervix near walls of vagina so large area was needed to be taken.

Anyway I just wanted to share this as sounds like you will have similar treatment to me. Although the thought of GA did concern me, I am so glad now after treatment I can tell you! I apparently bled during it so I would have freaked out had a been awake!

Good luck with it all and update us when you can xx

Hi Jacwac2203

Thank you so much for your comment. 

Our situations are very similar, we all feel so alone when this happens but soon realise how many other women go through the same situation. How are you feeling today? you must of been so relieved in a way having the GA, must be awful having Lletz just with a Local. Did the hospital give you any indications as to how long youll wait for your results?

I do hope all goes well for you, and i wish you a speedy recovery :)



Hi there

yeah it went fine thanks...and I feel no pain at all ( even though I was packed off with a truck load of painkillers! I don't even feel like I have had any treatment. I was a bit anxious about general only because I have never had it before....but after the event I am grateful for it. I didn't get a chance to speak to the consultant afterwards so I have no idea if I wI'll be told when they come in or if I have to wait until beginning of December as I am booked in to get a new coil fitted....I guess I could ring and find out but I figure if it's anything serious I won't have I guess I will be a bit nervous for the next few weeks while I watch the phone!!!! Anyway I am very relieved to have it behind me yes...and thanks very much for asking that's really kind of you :-) xx