Results and 2nd LLTEZ???

Hi everyone 

so today I decided to ring my gp to see if they had the results and they did but there was no notes and told me to ring the hospital.

I had a smear in sept and it came back high grade servere dysk, I then had a biopsy and Lltez treatment nearly 4 weeks ago and I couldnt wait any longer for the results so i decided to ring.

the nurse told me good new it's not cancer but that I have pre cancerous cells two different types on the inside and outside of my cervix and though the do see this it's not common.

she then went on to say I may need another treatment of Lltez does this mean I have to wait again for the results?? And can they come back cancerous?

thank you 

amanda xx


It sounds like you have cgin and cin cells.

Cgin cells are the glandular cells. They are rarer but more ladies are having then picked up now due to better smear tests. They can be classed as low or high grade.

I had low grade cgin and cin1 removed 5 years ago with 1 Lletz and clear margins. I had 6 monthly check ups for 5 years and now on yearly. All have been ok.

They do the test of cure now for cgin so once you have finished treatment they will do a 6 m9nth and then 12 month smear.  If these are OK you go back to 3 yearly recall.  Unfortunately I'm still.on the old system so I have check ups yearly for next 5 years!