Results after loop biopsy

Hi everyone! Iam 24 years old and recently had a high grade smear test.i had a loop biopsy done about 2 weeks ago and waiting for results coming back, iam just abit confused what are these results for? And will I need another appointment? The staff were great! But this is the only bit I don't understand any information would be great thankyou x 


Hi Jacqueline,

The results will just be to confirm what they have removed and that they have removed it all. You will need another appointment in 6 months for a check up smear just to double check everythings gone :)

Hope they come back soon x

Ahh thats great thankyou! Just wasn't sure if they were looking for cancerous cells? All confusing but thanks for your reply :) x

Hi hun, as fiona says they are checking what they found. They are not checking for cancer specifically.

My consultant explained that a smear is only 70% accurate, and so is a colposcopist. So they test the tissue removed in treatment to get a much more accurate result and make sure it matches up with what your smear said. It is possible your smear could say severe changes, but the result from the LLETZ could be only CIN1. But then it could also go the other way. It's best to know what you're dealing with! :)

Thankyou for the reply! Much better just to be able to talk to somebody! I had the loop done about 2 weeks ago so only another 2 weeks to wait for my results letter! Is it very common to get bad results? Thank you :) x