Results after Lletz

Hi all

I had a small area of CIN3 removed this morning under local using the Lletz procedure.  I did not find the process bad at all and so far i am feeling well and fine which is great!

However I have now started to worry about the results.....I asked the colposcopist if there was any chance of the results showing cancer, whilst she was mildly reassuring she did say that she couldn't rule it out and so now my mind has started to worry.  She said if they did find cancer cells then they would have been removed anyway.

Can anyone give me any reassurance on CIN3 showing cancer cells after Lletz or is this very unlikely and I just need to relax??


Thank you


April 2015 - Severe abnormal smear result

May 2015 - Colposcopy and biopsy taken

June 2015 - Confirmed CIN3

8th July 2015 - Lletz treatment under local


I am in the same boat. I had LLETZ 3 weeks ago for CIN3 with HIGH risk HPV. I am just waiting for my results.

The lady who done my lletz laughed when I said do I have cancer, she said no you dont. but how can she be sure wihtout results?

I think with CIN3 it is always a possibility. some women I have seen on here did have CC but the lletz removed it so they didnt need to go back, so it was almost like it didnt happen then another lady had cc after cin3 lletz and needed treatment, i am sick with worry but you literally won't know until your results come back. 


I'm in the same boat too... Had lletz 3 weeks ago under GA for 'severe dyskaryosis' awaiting my results it's torture!! xxx

Hi there ladies,

I had CIN 3 severe dyskaryosis  and high risk HPV. Had LLETZ back in march .. Results showed clear margins, all removed no further disease found. I understand that the cells were pre cancerous at this stage but was told that treatment with LLETZ should sort it out. I now await my 6 month smear in September. Sympathise with you all. Waiting is the worst. Wishing you all the best x

Thanks ladies - its good to share and i know we all feel the same.  This is such a horrid process.  I feel like I've been chucked on a rollercoaster.  My colposcopist was not much help and actually made me feel worse stating that I will get a letter to "confirm that its CIN3 or cancer"  Good god....prior to that though she did say she was expecting a 6 month follow up so I guess that is good.

Good luck to you all waiting for your results still


I too am waiting for biopsy results, 3 weeks and 2 days of waiting has driven me insane! 

My consultant wouldn't say what Cin he thought when he did the Lletz he saif he wanted to wait for the biopsy which has made me worry more! 

I had cin 2 removed 6 months ago so can't believe I'm going through it all again :(

I hope everyone gets the result they want xx