Results after lletz.. CIN1 & HPV

I just want to say how wonderful this forum is and thank all the lovely ladies on here sharing their own experiences. I am so impatience and though I would give the hospital a ring today to see if my results are in yet. the nurse said a letter would be sent in the next few days or she could read them out to me. I couldn't wait any longer so I asked if she could read them to me. It says the results are CIN1 and HPV, they said a check up of a smear will be in 6 months time. From what ive heard and read I think these are good results? Although I am a little confused as my initial first smear showed high grade. I am also unsure of what HPV actually is and what/if any treatment is required for this. Could anyone shed any light on these results for me please.

Hi Kate

These are good results.  So to help you with your questions

HPV is a virus.  Over 80% of the population carry it and you can contract it even if you use condoms.  It is extremely common.  It can also lie dormant for a long time and flare up again. So you may have been exposed to it a long, long time ago and are only now experiencing problems.    

When you have a low grade CIN1 result, your body will often get rid of it on it's own and you will have a normal result in 6 months time. You can help your body do this by strengthening your immune system, lots of fruit and veg, more excercise, less alcohol.  The most important thing is to quit smoking (if you smoke). Smoking is PROVEN to increase the chances of cell abnormalities.  

if you have an abnormal result again in 6 months they may watch and wait if it is still mild changes or they may choose to do treatment. This usually means burning the cells off with a laser of giveing you a Lletz (they use a hot loop to shave the tissue away).  Both procedures are done within minutes. There are handy fact sheets on this site to give you more info.

I don't know why your smear was high grade and your colposcopy low grade but I would always go with the colposcopy as the more accurate.  They are experts and look at cervixes all day long.  Relax and get healthy over the next 6 months and hopefully that will be the end of it. xx

Hi Nellie,

Thankyou for your reply.

you have answered my questions about HPV, and really helped me unstand it abit more. I'm still uncertain as to how I contracted it as I have the vaccine for it when I was 12 in school.

I have had the lletz procedure carried out on the 14th October, and that is what they found from those results. So would the routine smear in 6 months be to check if the cells have changed again? 


Hi Kate

I recently had an abnormal smear (low grade changes) and screened positive for HPV - like you, this surprised me as I had the vaccine before I was sexually active. There are over 100 different strains of HPV. The HPV vaccine vaccinates you against HPV types 16 and 18, which are high risk HPV strains associated with approx. 70% of all cervical cancer cases. It is likely for us that we contracted another high-risk strain of HPV - and that this was picked up during our smears.