Results advice please

Hi. New here and first post.

I had my abnormal smear results letter stating severe dyskariosis on 3 December 15, went for colposcopy, biopsy and also had Lletz with local while there, all on 11 December 15. At the time the doctor said it looked more mild than severe, and it’s possible that she had over treated me as Lletz may not have been needed, but at least it was done. I got my appt for follow up test of cure smear in 6 months a few days after procedure.

Got my results today. It’s a really basic letter. Just says that it has confirmed CIN 3 and they will see me at the 6 month appt. Doesn’t say anything about clear/unclear margins. Is this normal? Should I query it? Don’t want anything to be missed.

Thanks in advance xx

Hi Marta, I think when they put you on to 6 month recall this is due to the margins being clear, if they weren't I think they would have called you back sooner. I could be wrong though hopefully someone with better knowledge will confirm soon. Best of luck x x

Hi, I agree with the other comment. A 6 month recall is test of cure- if there was more to worry about, they would call you in sooner. As a bit of a snippy cow, I 100% advocate questioning anything to do with your body. Your gp will have only basic knowledge so go straight to colposcopy- write down your questions and phone them. My Colpo dept has been really helpful but the hinge that squeaks gets the oil!! Take care xx

Hi Martha,

my letter came back as CIN2 CIN3 and said "it looks possible/maybe they have removed all thecells" and I was to return for test of cure in March and further Colposcopy!

when I was at my GP Surgery I asked if she had received my results and I saw her letter as she read it out to me stating CIN2 CIN 3 without clear margins.

SO I can only assume from results and letters that they tell me one thing and my GP something else. what my GP said was that unclear margins can return to normal themselves within 6 months so hears hopoing.

if you are unsure of anything you can always call your GP for advice :-)

take care


I had CIN3 removed with Lletz in July last year and had a letter from the colposcopy clinic which stated "we appear to have removed it all", however when I went to see my GP regarding another matter she had the full lab results which showed only one margin was clear.   Further investigation via Jo's (I emailed the consultants here - very helpful) confirmed that NOT having clear margins is quite common and does NOT mean that it will reoccur.  This is mainly due to the fact that the cervix is burnt after Lletz to help to stop the bleeding.

So, whilst I am worrying too like you, the chances of having a normal or borderline smear after 6 months is still higher than not, and it is routine to go back to your GP in six months for a repeat smear.  I think they recall you for colposcopy or further investigations if there was any real cause for concern or if they were sure they had not removed it all first time.

I have just booked my repeat smear for next week and I can't lie, I am really nervous and also worried that I will have to go through it all again.  However if I do I know I survived it last time and better to get rid of CIN before it develops into anything else.

I would definately ask GP or colposcopy clinic if you have any worries or concerns - good luck