Results advice please

I need some advice I know my body and I don't feel right been having some symptoms of back pain and generally feeling unwell for a while now, I have had a smear results cin1 hpv high risk then a colposcopy two biopsies (went private) gynaecologist consultant said nothing to worry about but will take two biopsies for my piece of mind these have come back different to smear 

cin absent 

cgin absent 

hpv absent 

tzone present 

no treatment needed and no pre cancer or cancer I should be happy but im not 

I worried something has been missed for example something higher up in cervix adeno type is being missed 

I have also had ultrasound and mri on pelvis for other reasons would something be picked up on them?

I am worried something is being missed on biopsy etc? I thought as I had hpv high risk I would have some changes of something not that I want theM just really concerned coz of how I'm feeling overall 

i keep pushing gp for answers but they don't seem  fussed coz of results 

any advice would Helpful