results 4 days after lletz

hello ladies,

so my story begins with an abnormal pap as it does, just a low grade one so we wait it out and the next one comes back abnormal too, low grade again, gpsends me for coposcopy and tells me everything looks fine but did one biopsy (just to be sure). a week later im advised the biopsy is cin2, so i challange the nurse regarding my results and she says my notes read that my gyno did infact see a visable lump, huh thanks for letting me know luv!!

anyhow so im booked in for a leetz, had that under g/a on monday 20mm x 12mm was removed in 2 phases and notes say large cervix and large iodine deficiant area, pretty much it was explained that my whole cervix was abnormal.. fast forward 4 days today and my gp has already recieved my leetz biopsy results and informs me that the whole sample was cin 3 with unclear margins and the abnormal cells are going up into the endocervical canal. she told me this is bad and that shes is going to ring the hospital to find out what treatment plan they are going to suggest i have but she is also going to suggest i have a hysterectomy( im 27 three children and husband has had vaectomy anyhow).. my gp is very concerned that my paps were showing low grade the whole time yet i do infact have cin3 all over the place down there! what worried me most is that my gp never calls to give results let alone speak to me on the ph for half an hour during business hours and she was quite frank when telling me that THIS IS BAD. she didnt mention anything in medical terms really shes leaving it up to the surgeon to discuss everything in absolute detail with me, apparently ill recieve an appoint next week to go to hospital to discuss treatment then! im also concerned that i was advised my results would take 10-14 days to come back and its only been 4 days and ive recieved them today, really thought i had another week to pretend everything was great! i guess i just thought id get my story out there to see if any other ladies have a similar scenario and what treatment you had etc is it possible my results are worse than my doctor suggested but shes waiting for me to see the hospital so they can tell me?

Can completely understand how shocked you must be feeling & worried.

I would presume your doctor wouldn't of said it was CIN3 if it was actually something worse.

The appointment next week will probably be just to decide what to do about the remaining cells. 

I think it's pretty rare to be given a hyaterectomy for cin3 after only 1 treatment but it does seen on here each hospital had their own preferences. 

Also not sure if this is relevant to you atal but aswel as CIS covering my entire cervix I also had abnormal (not cancerous) cells around my cervix & through the canal into my womb so I have just had a trachelectomy to sort the CIS but have had laser treatment around the cervix & some kind of laser ballon thing in my womb. The laser balloon thing was dropped on me on surgery day so I don't really know much about it atal. 

If you have things you can keep yourself busy with then try & throw yourself into them & occupy yourself until your appointment comes. 

Iv 'met' some lovely ladies on here that have been really helpful to myself & others when scared or panicking so do speak out if you need someone. 

Massive hugs, good luck & keep us posted.



Thanks for your response, I just get the feeling that the fact my results were given 4 am days after lletz( when some of you ladies are waiting 6 weeks) couples with the fact my gp was diverting my questions a little is concerning that something else maybe wrong and she's waiting for hospital app for me to be completely informed etc! It's honestly all a pain in the ass! Wish it was just finished with after the lletz. I'll keep you ladies posted though :)

Just to update on my post . I saw the specialist who did further tests to reveal cin 3 is still present in both endo and ecto areas. Due to the two large lletz biopsies they recently took I’m told I now do not have enough cervix left to carry out a cone biopsy and my gp plus Gyno have now scheduled the recommended vaginal hysterectomy, to be performed within 50 days. The specialist believes the best biopsy to completely rule out anything invasive is the whole uterus and cervix sample. Also I’ll just say I bled for over 2 months after lletz only stopping when the gp put me on the pill to control it. I’ve also had a dull continuous pain in lower right hand pelvis area since lletz that the Gyno cannot explain. I’ll post an update after hyster …

Just a quick update, had a vaginal hysterectomy on Monday afternoon, pain was minimal, can’t believe it didn’t feel like if even had major surgery. Refused pain pills because I had no pain. The morning after surgery I had a pain pill because I had cramps in my hips. Was discharged that morning and came home. Was fine to say the least! Gas pains started that night however and I felt like I was in labour until I tool some pain pills. Shifting the gas was the worst part, I actually don’t feel like anything had even been removed, vagina is not even sore or heavy. Minimal spotting etc. today is 3 days post op and with lots if water and stool softener I finally pooped without any pain and now all wind pain has gone . Just thought I can ease some ladies minds that this op was fairly painless for me … And I should not have listened to the horror pain stories out there. Yes my recovery is prob easier as I’m young and fit and have no scars though! Results will back back early next week…