Hi all I just want to say a huge thanks to all you ladies for posting your journeys on here without them I would have been lost and googling!

today of all days the day of love I received a phone all from the hospital it went like this I thought I would call to tell you the results of our mtg margins are clear no further treatment needed.

in shock I asked at least 3 times is it all gone he said yes 

the emotional release and tears that followed flooded my kitchen! 

i will ill have a pre op check in 4-6 weeks which he explained that they will tell me how to look after myself and what to look out for.


i am so amazed that my 4cm tumour is gone 

Thank you all for your support n kind words 

Love to you all keep strong xxx


Hello Karen - that is fantastic news. St Valentine was good to you!! lol. 

God Bless


Hi Karen

Thats brilliant news!  So, so pleased for you. 


Cheryl, xx