Result after LLETZ shown CIN2



I have received a letter today saying The area removed at the time of my LLETZ treatment has shown abnormality CIN2.


Should I be worried? Anything I need to do? They have given my next apppontment on 10th June 2015.


Please share your advice, thoughts or experience.


Thanking you all in advance.


Love n Hugs


Hi V

Congratulations, you have the all clear!

From what you say, you had CIN2 changes which have all been removed.

I expect the June appointment will be for a follow up smear which is standard, but important you attend. LLETZ is really effective but CIN cells can come back sometimes so they will want to monitor closely before returning to a normal smear programme of 3 yearly.

If you are in any doubt do speak to the clinic or your GP but consider yourself fixed!

Really happy to hear your good news. Go out and enjoy every day now with a new perspective :-)


Hi V!

It sounds like they've removed the yucky cells and they just want to keep an eye on you. If they don't want to see you until June then I'm sure that's because they're not too worried about you. You're in the system and they'll keep a close eye on you.

I think the best thing you could do is look after your health generally - which includes keeping your stress levels low! ;) - and hope your immune system keeps your cervix ~(and the rest of you) safe. My consultant said that HPV is very common and some people's immune systems just don't fight it off as well as others. I know I'm making an effort to eat well and be a new healthy me. (Says the woman drinking wine and eating chocolate, as she've reminded me about the New Healthy Me Plan. Thank you! ;))

Take care and look after yourself!

Kirsty xx

Thank you so much for your support....x


Sending you lots of love...x