Restaged after hysterectomy

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Looking for some encouragement and shared experiences. I was staged at 1a2 and got a hysterectomy. Im 3 week post op tomorrow. Recovery has been tough and have a UTI. Now on antibiotics. I got my pathology results from my hysterectomy and ive now been restaged to 3c1 due to cancer being found in 2 lymph nodes. I will now be having chemo, radiotherapy and brachy. Need to wait another 3 weeks to heal from my surgery. I have seen that side effects and recovery from chemorads are more severe after hysterectomy. Has anyone here been through the same? X

I had a similar situation. I was staged 1B. After hyster I was staged 2b as there was microscopic spread to my parametrium. My lymph nodes were negative and I had clean margins. I just finished my 5 weeks of radiation and chemo. I can’t say if having a hyster before made treatment more difficult. I had some nausea, gi effects, and a lot of fatigue. I was able to keep up with life until the last week when I was sleeping a lot. I’m about a week out of treatment and every day is better. I fortunately recovered well from surgery before treatment. If you have any specific questions I’ll be happy to answer. Good luck to you! You’ve got this! @Sarah1987

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Yes, i went through exactly the same but it was in 5 lymph nodes. I don’t think side effects are necessarily worse but radiation damage to sirrounding organs has been much greater in the past. I had treatment in 1997 and radiation damage caused me to develop a radiation induced cancer in 2017. However when looking at my notes my surgical oncologist was astonished by how much radiation was given back then. They can give it much more precisely now and in much lower doses so a lot of what you will hear and read about the damage and side effects will be about what happened in previous times. None of it will be easy and youve a hard summer ahead but you will come out the other side with an excellent chance of survival so stand tall and you will get through it. Good luck.

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Thanks @Kellybug221

Glad to hear you are recovering well and side effects werent too bad. Yes I’ve heard the fatigue is pretty intense for a while but at least your on the other side now. Fingers crossed you keep improving xxxx

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Thanks @Petesdragon

That makes me feel better and makes a lot of sense. My consultant has said from the beginning that they used to way over treat patients. Im getting married abroad in September so fingers crossed I’ll be recovered enough by then xx

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Sending love! I just found out today that what appeared to be microinvasive from my cone was positive for LVSI. And I’ll be going in for a radical hysterectomy most likely. I’m terrified. I didn’t have any symptoms and felt so positive hearing there were negative margins after the conization. Now I’m freaking out afraid it is going to be everywhere. So I understand how sobering it is going from 1a to all the sudden looking at chemo and a much more progressed diagnosis. Sending love and prayers for the best outcome and strength during the waiting.