Residual tumour

Had my 6 month scan and it’s showing a small bit of possibly tumour?
I am going for biopsies. Anyone know what will happen if they still show cancer… I don’t know if I want to know the answer :grimacing::grimacing:

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I wouldn’t worry about it in advance. There can be a lot of scarring and inflammation if you’ve had radiation or surgery - and many times they show up as false positives for tumor.

I’ve had the same journey - mine was metastasis rather than residual so it was even worse. But I’ve been on Keytruda for close to a year now and metastasis is gone. There’s a lot of developments happening recently.


I agree. A lot of them are just the inflammatory processes that have not yet receded. If it hasn’t gone you will still have options. Best option is surgery if it hasn’t spread and that will be with the intention of obtaining a cure. So stay chilled, try not to worry as lots of hope for all kinds of reasons.

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I had my first scan 3 months out of treatment and there was still an uptake showing 5.6 which the original tumor size was 20.9 on the very first scan before treatment, so now 6 months out I had another scan and it was 3.6 which they are telling me it’s probably just inflammation from radiation and not an actual tumor anymore. So I’ll have another scan in 3 months.