residual abnormailities found on repeat smear

Hi there.  i had a lletz procedure carried out in january and had my repeat 6monthly smear about 4 weeks ago.  i just got my results back which showed up some residual possibly high grade abnormalities on cervix.  im a bit worried.  Is it common to have residual abnormalities after the lletz?  will i have to have the lletz procedure again? i am due to be seen again by colposcopy clinic. 

Hi Caroline,

That would be me too :-( no mention of whether its residual (said they got clear margins last time) or whether its new growth. Its the pits isn't it! I have a colposcopy on 12th August. Big hugs x x

thanks for that suzysooz.  Just a bit worried and wish it was all sorted out.  fingers crossed we will both be ok.  xx

Thanks. It was a bit of a blow as I got myself really ill and stressed the last time. Hope you get your date soon and we can get this recurring nightmare over asap!


Me too. . . . .low grade abnormality for 2 years with HPV treated in Feb of this year after I insisted I wasn't waiting the 3 years advised after colposcopy  and no biopsies in Jan 13. I paid for a smear myself a year later as I didn't fit the NHS protocol. Abnormal again.  Another colposcopy in Feb of this year where' they treated low grade abnormality as I'd had it for 2 years and subsequent letter said no abnormality found. Repeat teat in 6 months ( last week) now shows severe  Dyskaryosis . . . .bummer. . . .got the letter on a Saturday so major panic. Will be a dress size smaller by tomorrow.  Not sure if I should change hospital as am losing confidence . Did they miss it or is it new ? Mild to nothing to severe in 6 months ? Must stop Googling ...


Thought I would update you on my colposcopy this afternoon. Had 3 punch biopsies and a wait and see. If I need LLETZ again it will be under General once the results are back, there was very little that she could see, just around the edges of my last op, so residual, not new growth. They are saying 2-4 weeks for biopsy results and consultant will write with a plan. She recommended GA if I do need another LLETZ as they took a big area last time. Hope you are all ok x

hey Caroline, how are things now? Please let me know