Rescheduled Colps

So i was supposed to have my Colps tomorrow but i got my period so they moved it. This is my 2nd one in 2 yrs the 1st was normal but im terrified on what this wone might say. I am HPVHR with LGSIL. I Havent told anyone because i am scared of what theyvwould thing up until now i have only had 2 sexual partners and this makes me feel dirty or how one specifix dr made me feel. Im terrified that when they do the colps something is going to be wrong. I am currently crying alone in my room because i cant tell my mom the person im closest to this is happening. Please send me positive thoughts as i have my procedure next tuesday

Hi @Amunoz
First of all, don’t worry. You are being cared for and monitored. Imagine being in a country where the health care is so bad that these treatments and check ups wouldn’t even be offered to women? We are lucky that it’s taken seriously and we are monitored. It is better to know and get treatment. I understand your concerns re talking to your mum. Is there anyone else you can confide in? You have us within this group, which is excellent. I’m sure everyone is with me when I say we are sending you big hugs :hugs: have you thought about seeing a therapist or similar? I am thinking about doing the same. You will get through this……but please rest assured that you are in safe hands with the doctors. Good luck and blessings for your appointment, I’m sending you mega positive vibes xxxxx

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Thank you so much for your kind words, and taking the time to respond to me. I am trying not to worry but i guess i did what youre not supposed to do and googled. I will try to not worry until/if i have to but thank you so much for the mega positive vibes :heart: i will think about talking to someone because currently this is taking a toll on my mental health

I totally understand. Have you tried taking passionflower drops (available from Amazon - natural remedy for anxiety). I take it (dilute 40 drops into water), it also helps your sleep. Just don’t take it if you are due to drive or operate machinery etc. it helps me sleep when I am feeling particularly anxious. Haven’t taken it today obvs :blush:

I have not but i will definitely look into them! Could be something that may help me rn. Thank you so much for the suggestion

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