Requesting a female

Hi everyone, I feel really quite guilty even asking this but has anyone else requested a female consultant to carry out the colposcopy ? I had a scare a few years ago and been called in again… ive been worried sick obviously but have a real fear and just can’t have a male carry out the procedure. I had a female last time but am having problems this time as I’ve been referred as an emergency at a time when only male consultants are there. My GP is trying to help … I hope you don’t all think bad of me , obviously I’m terrified of the results and everything , I’m ill with worry but can’t still face having a male Doctor ! Am I the only one ?

Hi there :) 

No your not not the only one! I had a colposcopy for the first time yesterday, I asked if I could see a female consultant but was advised this could not be guaranteed as i had also been refered very quickly. This was the only thing making me nervous about having it done! I ended up seeing a male and he was so lovely and professional, I had a lovely female nurse who took me to get undressed and stood beside me and talked to me through the whole thing. I also had a student present as well. The consultant explained everything and talked through everything he was doing. I had a rather large towel over me as well which made me feel more comfortable during the colposcopy as I didn't feel as exposed. I hope this helps ease your nerves. 

T x