Request to postpone LLETZ

Hi. Has anyone asked to delay a LLETZ by about 3 months?

I had smear 16th Oct showing high grade dyskaryosis
Went for colposcopy 2nd Nov but no high grade could be seen so a punch biopsy was taken
Results inconclusive (though HPV confirmed) so it went to MDT for discussion 15 Dec

I’ve just chased up the decision and heard that an appointment is being made for a LLETZ. Don’t know what date that will be yet as they have quite a lot to fit in the diary…

I got fed up of waiting in Nov and got on with making plans for my life and entered a marathon, Manchester 10th April.
I don’t expect to be able to train for 4/6 weeks post LLETZ so will be asking for it to be delayed.

Does anyone know if it is likely to be agreed?

Hi Judith

I delayed mine  by just over a month so that I didnt have to cancel my summer holiday (riding across France on a motorbike, so probably not great post-LLETZ activity!)

They can't make you do it on a given date (or even at all if you refuse permission) so yes, you should be able to ask to have it later. They may be a bit more concerned about yours if it is indeed shown to be high grade though. Mine was CIN1 with some localised CIN2, so not too severe, and they were OK with me delaying it.

If I were you, I'd probably phone the colposcopy unit yourself and ask them if they can do it later, rather than wait for an appointment date then haggle!

Hope that helps