Repetitive surgical Ablations for abnormal cells

Just wondering if anyone else has been getting repeated ablations vaginally and if there is any hope of it ever ending. I’m so grateful for having just found this site and all of you brave and compassionate women. I understand many of you have faced far worse treatments than me, and I’d love it if you’d tell me if all these abnormal cells are just the beginning of cancer.
I’m 60 plus and started getting those painful biopsies a few years ago. Those led to a few surgical vaginal ablations and then a full hysterectomy. I saw my Oncologist last week for what I thought was going to just be a PAP but it turned into another colposcopy. Am now feeling stressed as I wait to hear the results of the biopsy. Waiting to find out if I’ll be needing another ablation or if I’ve now got full-blown cancer is so nerve wracking. Thanks in advance for your kindness and response.