Repeat smear test

In 2022 I had a smear test ( very over due as was nervous ) it came back as High risk HPV positive and mild dyskaryosis, had colposcopy and was told CIN1 and ectropian - no treatment given and to have follow up smear in a year.
Roll on to now - and I’ve had smear results and same again :confounded::confounded: referred to colposcopy again … :cry:
In the mean time my periods are still madly heavy and so painful

Just had my colposcopy appointment through for 13/11/2023 - All seems to be moving abit faster this time - had to wait for ages before for a colposcopy

Hi @Bubbles2013.
I didnt want to read & run. Your story sounds like mine! Last october i had my smear & results of high grade HPV & low grade dyskarosis. Had a colposcopy in the december & was told to come back in a year. Well its a year since my original smear & im torn over wether to book my smear for october or december. Im glad you have your date for colposcopy for november, at least you will have a better idea of whats going on. Have you had hpv before?

Hi @SP1 ,
Yes I had high risk HPV in 2022 and low grade dyskaryosis then too ,
So same again this year , I’ve actually had my colposcopy now as they had a cancellation. They still agree with the smear that it’s CIN1 so no treatment, but return to GP for a smear in a year.
They said my cervix was inflamed so to use Relactagel which I used for a week not sure if that will have made any difference :woman_shrugging: and I still have an ectropian as well
Obviously more worried about the continued HPV as I don’t know how long I’d have had it before last years smear as I hadn’t been for one for year as least 9 years …

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Thats good that it hasnt progressed & hopefully you can shift the HPV within the next year. I mean i think ive had HPV since my first smear which was over 10 years ago but its just remained dormant & has flared up again. But its good that they are keeping you in the system & keeping an eye on things xx

Hi girls,

This also sounds like my story too, I had persistent hpv for the last eight years, but it could have been longer as I had my son when I was 16.

I would attend my smears every year and go to colposcopy appointments every now and again if low grade changes occurred. I must admit that I missed last years smear because I was so fed up of it being yearly! But this years smear came back as hpv + with low grade changes so I went to colposcopy, biopsies showed I had CIN2 and I had my LLETZ carried out, then last Saturday I had an appointment letter through the post, I went to my appointment on Thursday and was told I had microinvasive cervical cancer cells which were only visible under the microscope at the lab. The consultant believes that all of the cells were removed but I’m having another LLETZ under ga to confirm and ensure clear margins.
So so unexpected!

I’m like a walking campaign now, please go to an appointment, even if it is every year, at least things like this will get picked up on earlier :two_hearts:


Oh bless you @JessiicaD I hope that they get all the cells next treatment xx
I will definitely attend all my appointments!

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Thanks for your post and honesty.
I feel exactly the same, want to tell everyone I know to attend their appointments.
My smear was very overdue which caused me anxiety. I have HR HPV and smear show low grade changes. Fortunately when I attended my colposcopy they couldn’t see anything so I’m back to regular smears.
I would never leave it this long again.
Thank you for sharing your story, hope it all goes well for you xx