Repeat procedure

I had loop excision 7/12 and have just received another letter to return for a repeat procedure. Clearly I'm very frightened and feel that cervical cancer is my destiny.. I'm having trouble telling myself that this is not cancer, what has happened though? Did they miss a section, the margins of the biopsy were still irregular? I hope to hear from people in a similar position?

Hi Cat,

sorry to hear you are feeling in limbo. It sounds as though perhaps either the biopsy wasn't accurate, or it's most likely that you had CIN and they didn't get 'clear margins' (where the pre cancerous cells are still in the outer ages of what they removed) so you need to have the procedure done again. 

you could ring the Colposcopy clinic tomorrow and ask them to explain why you have to go back again. In my experience they will be very helpful and let you know.