has anyone needed a repeat lletz? I have severe CGIN and it wasn't all removed at the last LLETZ so need another. I'm terrified that when they go further in they might find cancer - is that even a possibility? 

Hi Lemoncat

I had to have two LLETZ treatments to remove my CGIN last year.  I was told at my first treatment that it is very common to have to need a second treatment as well simply due to where the CGIN is located it can be a bit more difficult to reach so they can't always get it all first time and to be on the safe side they often opt to do another treatment to ensure clear margins.  If the first treatment showed no cancer being present then I think that means there is little chance of the second treatment discovering anything worse that CGIN (that is just based on my experience though and my discussions with the consultant, others may know more.)  Try not to worry and I hope the second treatment goes well. x

Hi Lemoncat,

Yes I am waiting to have a second LLETZ too. I had the first LLETZ on 16th Feb for CIN3. Got my results on 30th March. Was told they did not get clear margins and I also had CGIN. So I need another LLETZ. She said it would be done in May (I was still not healed from the first one as I got an infection) but I have yet to receive the letter with the date.

Good luck with yours!



Hey everyone. I have been told I have CGIN and need LLETZ but I had the biopsy first then it took them a while to have a meeting but said it was 'ungradeable'. I have been given no other info and don't really know what to make of this, any experiences shared would be really appreciated as I know CGIN is not as common as CIN x