Repeat inadequate results

Hi all,

I am 25, and went for my first smear as soon as I was called in July 2014. The results came back inadequate.

I was advised to leave it at least 3 months, so went for my 2nd smear on the 10th November. These also came back inadequate and I was advised to rebook in a month.
When I turned up for that appointment, I was told there was no point trying it again and I was referred for colposcopy.

I attended colposcopy clinic on 17th December. The lady decided not to do a full colposcopy, and just tried for another smear instead.
She said I had quite a large ectropion and was bleeding quite heavily for a few days afterwards.

I've had a bit of bleeding after sex and randomly every now and again, but I never really thought about it as it's always been very mild.

I'm currently waiting for results from that 3rd smear and of course getting myself very agitated.
Has anybody here ever been referred to colposcopy for repeat inadequates? What were your eventual results?

Thanks :)


Hi Trielle

I can't answer your question directly so I just wanted to try to cheer you up a little. I think that a smear test result can be 'inadequate' if there's other stuff floating around at the same time, either blood or discharge from an infection of some sort. I can quite see why a large ectropion might cause a bit of bleeding after sex or during a smear test. Try not to get yourself worked into a state, it won't help. It's much better to tell yourself that it's just an ectropion and it will be dealt with after the results come back.

Be lucky


hi Trielle I am in the a same boat as you here, i went for my smear at 25 inconclusive i was 26 when i had a repeat smear again inadequate very frustrating... i went again about 3 months ago for another smear as I bled in between my period which the doctor has put down to hormones... this 3rd Smear inadequate again.


im also getting worried il be 27 in Feb and all this waiting just to get a clear result is annoying. I went to see a GYN also about 8 weeks ago who said i have Cervical Erosion so i bleed easily.

i have my appointment on the 26th jan hoping all is ok but feeling scared of what they might find.



Hi good news thought I'd update you had my colposcopy today all clear no abnormal cells I have an eptropian which they froze today now been referred for normal smear in 3 months ☺☺☺☺

Just a quick update - my results from that 3rd smear came back as abnormal so I went for a colposcopy last week