Repeat colposcopy/lletz

Hi everyone, 

Waiting on results again and away my brain goes. I had first colposcopy about three weeks ago, smear shows glandular abnormalities! Colposcopy biopsy was inconclusive or no characteristics of cancer but couldn't rule out it being an under lying issue, lettz under general a week past on Friday and I have another colposcopy appointment this Thursday why??? I called and asked if he would have my results and secretary said yes he would but with previous results I received a letter saying we now have your biopsy results. I don't understand why he is doing another colposcopy so soon? And when there's a good chance I'll still have some bleeding :/! Confused is an understatement.
Charlene xxx

Hi, ive had appts in the colposcopy clinic that were just discussions rather than actual colposcopy, so it may be discussing your results rather than having another look etc. xxx