repeat colposcopy during pregnancy

Hi ladies Smile Am new to this site, am glad I found it as googling things has not put my mind at rest 1bit!!

I had a smear in December which came back abnormal. I went for a repeat in Janurary then received a letter inviting me for a colposcopy.

A week before having the colposcopy I found out I was expecting. I went for the colposcopy but no biopsy was done. The consultant said straight away that it was CIN3, which panicked thé hell out of me, and iv now got to return for a repeat colposcopy at 28 weeks pregnant. (Which is  11 weeks away) 

Iv tried not let this take up my mind and enjoy pregnancy but every now and again I sit and think about it and wonder what the out come will be.

I was wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation, did the colposcopy have any complications for baby?? How were you feeling etc??

Not really sure what else to say so I hope to hear off of some of you :)

Tthanks Leanda x

Just to add the consultant said I would be in for treatment 3 months after arrival of baby providing there were no further changes. But didn't say what treatment, only that It wouldn't be done at the clinic but would be admitted to hospital. At the time I agreed as I was trying to take everything in. 

Could anyone shed any light as to what this treatment may be??


Hi if it's cin 3 it will be a LLetz . Congrats on baby and best wishes x

Hi panda thanks for reply :) I was unsure if it would be lletz or cone due to staying in hospital??? To be honest iv not been told an awful lot and had to call my gp to ask for a copy of the results as the hospital didn't send anything here. 

There were clear margins but with severe changes & something else severe which il mention later when iv got the letter out.

Am I right in thinking that severe dyskariosis is CIN3??

:) thanks by the way :)

Hi i had my LLetz done under a general but was only in hospital about 5 hours then home also severe dis is cin3 yes and I know they don't tell us much at all :( x

My mom went through the same thing when she was having me.  They did loop on her after I was born (couple months after I think).  All was fine after that.