Repeat colposcopy after inadequate biopsy

Hey ladies,

so I am new to this site but have found it my go too page recently!☺️ I am after some advice and hippies someone can help me?

I had an abnormal smear which showed mild changes and a HPV infection and was referred for a colposcopy on the 11th March 2015. I went for the colposcopy and found the procedure to be fine, he showed me my cervix on the screen and it lookwd quite red and angry. I asked him what he thought and whether it was CIN and he said he thought CIN2/3 and that I would require LLETZ treatment! He took a biopsy and I went on my way. All was normal afterwards, slight spotting etc. Today I received a letter saying, unfortunately the lab were unable to make an adequate assessment due to lack of material in the biopsy specimen. Therefore they will repeat the colposcopy in 2 months time. And take further biopsies. Now awaiting this appointment!

so my questions are: Why has it been inadequate? Will I just have a normal

punch biopsy again? what does this mean? will I have LLETZ at my next appointment? Could it be a cone biopsy?

The reasons for my questions is that my hubby is in the forces and is away currently, I don't live near family so hoping to have an idea to arrange childcare etc for my two little



thankyou in advance


Don't know all the answers but wanted to comment as no one else had. my advice would be to ring the hospital. They will be able to give you the answers you need. One thing that is positive is that they are in no rush to get you back. That normalky means good news In the great scheme of things. X

Thank you so much for replying x


I had biopsies taken last year and mine came back as inadequate for assessment. They then discussed me at the multi disciplinary team meeting and decided I needed lletz treatment. Obviously all hospitals are different but I'm not sure why they are waiting another 2 months to repeat the colposcopy. 

I would give the hospital a ring and ask them what the process will be I'm sure they'll be happy to answer your questions!

Good luck

Louise x


I have had exactly the same happen to me today.  I went in on 12 March for a Colposcopy which they took a biopsy, my results I received today 

stated unable to make assessment due to lack of necessary materials and that I will have to have another Colposcopy in 2 Months.  Like you 

I have many questions and now not happy with having to wait another two months.  I will be phoning the hospital tomorrow but would be very 

interested to know how you get on with your questions too!