Repeat colposcopy 6 weeks after 1st one!?

Hi everyone, unsure of where to post this.

I had my first colposcopy (7th feb) after abnormal /borderline cell changes were found during a routine smear test and a biopsy was taken

Fast forward to now (4 weeks after my first colposcopy) I received another letter asking to go back for another colposcopy with no results on the letter (the nurse said my results would be on the letter?)

I phoned up to ask , as I was confused as to why I needed another one and the nurse has said that my cervix was inflamed, my biopsy came back as normal and that they need a second opinion or may either need to discharge me back to normal smears or do another biopsy and that inflammation can show up as high grade changes and kept reassuring me everything was fine and it is nothing to worry about

Is this normal? I feel like there’s something they aren’t telling me, why would I have to have another biopsy? Has anybody had this before?

I tend to worry a lot and overthink things so maybe everything is ok , it’s a very confusing time

Hi, I’ve also had to have a repeat colposcopy 1 month after the first one as it also didn’t show anything. Sometimes samples need to be taken from a different area, my second colposcopy confirmed the smear test results. It’s really annoying that they rarely give you any information which you then have to pester them for. I’d encourage you to go to the repeat colposcopy to find out your diagnosis even though it’s really stressful and off putting. Happy to answer if you have other questions

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i just had my 2nd one yesterday, like you i was called back after 4 weeks by letter with no results. it just said due to technical issues they required another biopsy. the nurse explained they didnt get all the cells they needed so couldn’t say for sure if things were ok even though other cells analysed showed mild cell changes which she said she wasnt worried about
my last biopsy was missing cells from the transformation zone. just better to be thorough. sounds like you might have a similar situation

sorry hope you don’t mind me asking but what was your original smear test result?

I had mild cell changes from a smear in august last year, had colposcopy and she found nothing abnormal and to come back in 6months for a follow up to check. Had a follow up smear and colposcopy in Feb, again said nothing abnormal during colposcopy but my smear results have just come back as mild changes again🙃

Very confused and conflicted how the results can be different even though they were done at the same time. So i just wondered at your repeat colposcopy (which i presume i’m going to get called in for again, so far i’ve only seen my results on the APP haven’t had anything from doctors yet) had anything change? did they pick something up the second time?

Moderate-severe abnormal cells smear results which were confirmed by the second colposcopy done 1 month after the first. Have they verbally said “it looks fine” during the colposcopy but not on the results letter? Might be because you can’t visibly see much if it is just mild/CIN1

Thanks so much for sharing! did you have biopsy’s during your second colposcopy?

Yeah i mean i keep going over every single thing that i can remember her saying during both the first colposcopy 6months ago and the follow up one in feb and i’m almost certain it was there are no visible abnormalities that i can seem even called me ‘boring’ cause there was nothing to biopsy etc. As from what i’ve heard from other stories threads even any change that is visible during the acid test is either mentioned to you or biopsied.

But from what i’ve seen on other threads people haven’t had to return for follow up smear/colposcopy 6months later (which i had initially thought was to confirm the no changes and return to normal recall) but now i feel really worried and anxious that this isn’t the case.

Yeah I had biopsies taken during both. Have they not taken any biopsy during yours? You shouldn’t worry about it that much then since it is nothing more than mild right now hence you are having a follow up every 6 months as this is the policy. As long as you are boosting your immune system your body should get rid of the hpv and the abnormal cells will likely regress and you’ll go back to the 3 year wait (since your second smear/colpo results have stayed the same I’d say this is a good sign as it hasn’t gotten worse)

No, i haven’t had any biopsy’s taken during either of my colposcopy’s, which at the time i thought was a good thing🙃

Yeah i guess you’re right in terms of it hasn’t gotten any worse & stayed low grade. I think i’d almost just like reassurance from an actual biopsy, as you know in your situation sometimes things can be different, and certain areas may show different things so my only worry was that maybe an area had been missed. Yes been taking some extra vitamins in a bud to hopefully boost my immune system to get rid🤞🏻

Thanks for sharing, it’s good to hear that others have had different results from the different tests, will definitely be trying to see if there is anything else the doc can do to help with with some reassurance in my situation. hope things go well for you!