Repeat colposcapy - children mentioned

I had an abnormal smear last year and was referred for colposcopy right around the time my husband and I were thinking about trying for our second child. I didn't want to wait with approaching my 36th birthday. following punch biopsy and after a ridiculous wait with me having to chase; nearly 8 weeks I was given the results CIN 1 and I've to go back in May. I decided then that I was unwilling to wait and am now 5 weeks pregnant and delighted on some levels but on others kicking myself that I should have waited for an all clear..... Hmmm it's just weighing on my mind along with all the other early pregnancy worries! Isn't it marvellous being a woman!!!!!!

Hi Mrsho,

Eeek! As if pregnancy is not enough of a strange and scary time! From what I have read you can still have a colposcopy and even biopsies I believe, when you are over your first trimester. They will continue to monitor you throughout your pregnancy and if you need treatment, it will be after the birth.

In the words of John Lennnon ... Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans :-)

Good luck with your pregnancy, try not to think about it if you can, stay calm, eat well and you will be fine



Hi. It happened to me as well. I ended up pregnant with cin after a lletz. They monitored me closely and I had treatment 9 weeks after delivery. You can safely have a colposcopy and smears and if needed biopsies when pregnant. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply! It is a weird feeling and also a surprise to have fallen pregnant so quickly! A pleasant surprise but I guess the Cin worries will always be at the back of my head but just a worrier! I will be around 16 weeks at the time of the colposcapy and all being well will have had my first scan by then which will make it seem all the more real! And relax! Thankfully I have work and a 20 month old which helps to keep my mind occupied most of the time ☺️

Thank you! It's good to hear from someone with experience!

Congratulations on your pregnancy Mrs Ho :-)

I think that a little bit of CIN1 is very little to worry about by comparison. You go ahead and enjoy building your family and the doctors will keep a close eye on you.

Be lucky :-)