Repeat Colonscopy

Hi , Just looking for some advice.

I had a letter from Hospital asking me to attend for coclonoscopy.They removed my cells that day and they confirmed I was Cin3.I had my 6 month smear 3rd Jan 2014 and 10 days later said I had abnormal cells again and have to go back for another colonoscopy..needless to say I am a little worried..any advise or past exp you be a help.


Hi, Im afraid I can't give any advice as myself I had my first smear, came bk high grade dyskaryosis and had colp and lletz last tuesday so all pretty new to this but I didnt want to read and run.  Im so sorry hun and sending hugs xx

Thank you :-)


Hiya. Just a quick reply - but wanted to give you some reassurance. I had my six month check up smear last September and was called back for another colposcopy (I had a lletz in January 2013). Turns out my smear was normal but I was still testing positive for hpv plus. Really wish gp surgery had let me know that! They like to be on the safe side.  I have to go back for a smear in March. I'd try calling your surgery and asking to speak to the nurse who did your smear, she might be able to help with more info. Sorry you are in this situation - I know it feels worrying - but you could just be testing positive for hpv. Stupid thing can take a while to clear our systems! 


Hope this helps xx

Plus if the cells are abnormal,  the changes will likely be mild and they will do a wait and watch.  I guess at least we're in the system and being looked after!

Hi ..thanks for the reassurance..not sure the Gp could throw some light my letter came directly from the hopsital...not sure if that is standard for Wales...Ive done some thinking and I am not going to worry..just go to the hospital and see what happens..thanks though xx