Reoccurring Stenosis

Hi all,

I had my LLETZ treatment in April 2020…then July last year my cervix fully healed over and my period got stuck inside me. I had an emergency dilation and thought that was that. Sadly I ended up in hospital again last week for another emergency dilation as it happened again! Has anyone else had this happen and did you find a fix? I can’t face doing this every few months :weary:


How many times did you get lleetz treatment?

Only the once :confused: I’ve read its more common the more LLETZ treatments you have.

Yes that’s why I asked it…How old are you then?

I’m 32, sadly I’m still HPV positive and have borderline cell changes so going for another colposcopy in September.

Sometimes it can happen at an older age but you are young enough. I really wonder how this problem can be fixed?

Hi Purple elephant. I think I have the same problem. Just wondering if you have got your stenosis resolved?

Hey, I’m sadly waiting to see if my second dilation has worked. My first dilation worked for about 5 months so I’m a little worried it’s going to heal over in the next couple of months.

Sorry to hear this. I’m in a similar situation. I had one dilation which worked for a bit but now seems to be back to the old symptoms. I see the consultant again in May so we’ll see what they say.
I’m a little concerned that the stenosis could hide any further issues with HPV. Has your consultant mentioned this or should I not be worried?
I hope you’re gets sorted soon, xx

I’ve done a lot of reading and apparently it has a high reoccurrence rate sadly. I had an appointment at the hospital this week as I’ve been having hip and back pain and he said that it’s not a procedure they like to do too often as it makes more scar tissue. He didn’t mention anything about HPV but I’m still positive with borderline changes so it doesn’t seem to hide any issues. I’m slightly concerned the fix is going to be a hysterectomy :frowning:
Hope you get sorted too x

I’m sorry to hear you’re having so many problems. When I had my last dilation my consultant suggested I may need an procedure to ‘cut’ the cervix to open it further. No mention of hysterectomy yet. Don’t really want to go through that surgery☹️.
I hope it gets better for you soon. Xx

Thank you, I really don’t want a hysterectomy either so I’m hoping my second dilation will have fixed the problem. Just wondering but can you “feel” your cervix closing? I get this stabbing/snapping sensation in my cervix intermittently and I’m sure it’s my cervix closing up.

I get really severe period pains. Not sure what’s causing it though. The pain coincides with very light flow so I think it’s indicating a restriction. I was having bleeding between periods for a while too which I believe was the trapped blood eventually making it’s way out.