Reoccurring kidney/bladder infections and bowel issues

Hi, I finished my treatment in February. I had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy. Since August I have reoccurring kidney /bladder infections. I have just finished my 5th round of antibiotics and I don't really want to go on another round. I had an ultrasound which was clear. I'm still experiencing a lot of pressure on my bladder once I finish going to the toilet, plusI have very little control of my bladder and a lot of the time I end up peeing myself. In addition to this I also have very little or no control with bowel movements. I'm 37 and I'm finding these side effects very embarrassing and frustrating.  Has anyone else experienced something similar. If so did you resolve it? 

Sounds like you may habe radiation damage?  Have you spoken to the consultant 

Hi, thanks you for getting back to me.. I mentioned it at my last three month check up but he didn't seem concerned. I am getting in touch with them today so maybe they will have some answers. 


I'm 4 weeks post treatment and I have bladder and bowel problems. I've had 8 urine infections too. I take D Mannose now for by bladder and I haven't had an infection since. Don't get me wrong, my bladder is still really sensitive - i'm not emptying properly and having to really push to urinate. My bowels are mostly constipated, I take 5 prunes a day. I watched a documentary about the superfood benefits of prunes. Apparently researchers in USA found that menopausal women eating 5 prunes a day had better bone density than those that didn't. 


Good luck xx 

Thank you very much.. I will definitely try out the D Mannose and the prunes. I'm open to try anything at this stage. I hope you make a speedy recovery. Thanks again for your advice. Xxx

Hi Catriona, 


I had an appoinment on Friday with my ocologist. She thinks that the bladder and constpation problems aren't radio related but hysterectomry related? 


Nore sure really but just wanted to share. 


Good luck x