Reoccurring issue! Help me pls

Hi ladies,

So quick run down:

•CIN3 treated with lletz in March 2015
•took 7 weeks to heal
•wound opened again in the June/July (possibly gym work, or horse riding)
•cauterised in September-
Didn’t stop the bleeding
•October, put to sleep had surgery to re-do lletz treatment
•got ok, seem to have healed in the November 2015
•left it 14 weeks(double the original healing time) before exercising
•last week returned to weight lifting/gym work
•yesterday started bleeding again!!!

Oh my god! What is wrong with me? Why does the wound/bleeding keep reoccurring :frowning:
I’m so sad, it’s nearly been an entire year of bleeding!
I’m gutted my body hasn’t gone back to its Normal functionality, even after such a massive break!

Anyone had anything similar?
What should I do? Get another doctor???

Any thoughts are welcome!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look/help me x

Al x

Please help me. Any thoughts are welcomed x

Oh gosh! If I was you I would speak to your gynaecologist and ask why this keeps reoccurring and what you/they can do to stop it! Good luck, let us know how you get on x

Not much help I know but I've also had ongoing bleeding which no one is really giving me answers to. I seem to bleed easily under examination and definitely worse after sex. I was booked in for an emergency check up after getting particularly worried one time and I did get to see my cervix on the big screen, which was kinda reassuring as apparently i was healing fine and looked 'shiny and pink'.

I've had quite a few procedures now, and have another op booked for Monday where they are hoping to have a better look.

Keep persevering though, as it is pretty rubbish and if you're like me I've found it very upsetting at times too. Hopefully your local colp will give you an examination.

Like you I hope to get answers soon and find out what is going on. Hope yours gets resolved soon x