Reoccurring CIN

Hey guys,
I was just wandering if anyone on here has had reoccurring CIN. I had abnormal cells from the age of 22 until 3 years ago.(now 34) I was having regular smears: colposcopy done due to previous CIN. I’ve had 3 letz procedures prior. I finally had a clear smear 3 years ago and put back on normal screening but have recently had my smear which is hpv positive and cell changes again and have colposcopy Monday. I’m a little worried that now it has been 3 years as opposed to just a year and whether I’ll be limited on my options due to already having a few letz before- it was discussed if I wanted more children before I had my last child which I did, but now I don’t will I be offered a hysterectomy? It’s quite daunting and annoying that after all those years I finally cleared it to come back again. Surely I’ve got not much cervix left.

Any advise or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Chel1, I have just read your post and didn’t want to move on without replying, even though I’m not exactly in the same position.
How did you get on at colposcopy? At a guess, I would have thought that hysterectomy would be your next option after having a number of LLETZ procedures previously but there are of course other options available if you were intent on having more children. Sorry to hear you have been going through all this, especially from such a young age…it’s really not fair!