Reoccurring and worsening CIN


Does anyone have experience with CIN returning after treatment and returning worse than it was before at that?

Everything I’ve read (on the reputable sources) says only 2 in 10 people have a reoccurrence.

If I’m 1, is anyone else here the second person in that 2 in 10?

I could really use some support. I’m really trying to hold it together sitting at my desk today and would love to hear someone else’s experience.


Hi Irish,

Unfortunately statistics aren’t very helpful on a cervical cancer forum - because we’re not ‘ordinary people’ in that we are the people who have had continued problems - so we’re the cream of the cream, as it were. So yes, on this forum you’ll find plenty of people for whom one treatment for CIN has not been enough - but equally you’ll find lots of ladies for whom it has all gone fine and the outcomes are good. The important thing to remember is that CIN is not cancer, and it can be treated, so please try not to panic! As you haven’t said whether you’ve got persistent CIN or not, I can only assume you’re asking if it’s possible that it will reoccur or worsen - the answer is yes, it could, but that doesn’t mean it will happen to you. X

Hi, thanks for replying. Sorry, yes mine has come back but it’s come back worse than before. I previously had CIN1 which wouldn’t go away on its own. After over a year and both pain and bleeding, I had a cold coagulation. Most people clear CIN1 without treatment but I needed the assistance. It looked to be clearing up and I’ve never had pain or bleeding since but now I’ve just found myself out of the blue with another occurrence after simply going for a one year checkup, but this time it’s CIN2. I’ll need LLETZ most likely but it’s being referred to discuss the best procedure for me. I’m not nervous about the procedure or the issue, I’m most worried about the fact that it’s both come back and worsened.

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Jacks133 I just read your bio… You are an incredible woman, so strong. I nearly feel wrong being concerned about my issue after reading what you’ve been thru. You are certainly a positive role model for the rest of us. Congrats on the all clear x

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