reoccurance worriesme

Me again :slight_smile:

Today is my first check up since the radical hysterectomy and im not worried in the slightest… Not!!!
I have no idea what to expect and if something is dodgy will they tell me straight away?
Also i know cervical cancer doesnt have many symptoms but i wondered if there are any symptoms when a reoccurance happens? I had bleeding after husband lovin when i had my cervix but now i dont have those bits is a reoccurance symptom free?
Not looking forward to my 2nd ever encounter with the styrups (the last one ended up in my diagnosis) and would appreciate any words of wisdom.

Big hugs to you all xxxx

Hello beautiful lady,

I think they be taking a look-see (and having had treatment so recently surely there can’t be anything sinister to see) and taking cells like a smear test to go to the lab so I don’t think you will really get results today. More waiting I think.

You are further down the road than me but I can totally understand how scared you must be. Living with the fear that this will come back is something I think we are all going to have to adjust to somehow. Wish I had a blinding bit of wisdom to give you, but I think this might be a question of digging in, trying to be positive and trying not to get ahead of yourself.

You’ve been through so much already, you can do this. Good luck!

Hi Kirsty

You've been through a traumatic experience and it is normal to worry about the future.  I'd be surprised if you weren't worried, I know I am.

I've had a couple of check ups now post surgery and wanted to reassure you.  There were no unpleasantries and my consultant has been fab.  The surgeon/consultant checked to make sure everything was healing well so a speculum and look see but no more.  At no point was he checking for cancer. There were no tests.  He really put my mind at rest and reassured me that the chances of a recurrance are tiny and that as far as he was concerned I am completely cured and have the same cancer risk now as anyone else.  He told me to get on and live my life, easier said than done but I'm trying my best!  I will have regular check ups for 5 years but it is a precautionary measure and should give confidence that they are still monitoring me.  He really rammed home that I have nothing to fear from the check ups and should not get anxious in the run up to them.  He was great and really put my fears to rest (for now at least!).  I hope your consultant is just as good :)

Regarding symptoms my consultant told me to contact the hospital if I have any unusual pain or bleeding in that area or issues with bladder/beowel that I am worried about, even if it's between appointments.  It will probably be nothing sinister but if  I am ever worried he said they'd fit me straight in and investigate which was reassuring.

It's a tough time dealing with cancer and inevitable that we worry about it returning.  I wish I could say I never worried about it.  However, I'm trying to be practical and positive, something which doesn't come naturally to me.  I'm renouned for my worrying amongst all my friends and family!  In my positive frame of mind I can no longer have cervical, womb or ovarian cancer so maybe our risks are actually now less than the average woman?  I am fortunate it was found and cured and at times feel like the luckiest person alive.  However, I do still cry for what I have been through and lost.  The sad and anxious feelings awoken in me will take a long time to subside.  However, I am trying to fill my life with positivity and fun things to look forward to e.g booking a trip to Disneyworld Florida next year. 

I think getting back to work and exercise will bring some much needed normality.  I have been told by other cancer survivors that these worries do fade over time and am sure that will be the case.  I think it is important to grieve for and come to terms with what has happened/been lost and finding a new way to move on with life.

Sorry not sure if this post will help or not :)

Best wishes

Kirsty xx


Hi there, I hope all goes well today with your first check up.

Well, that wasnt so bad he had a look (didnt even need his miners helmet and budgie!!) And he said everything is looking good and no signs of anything synister. Im soo happy and i now dont have to worry until the next 3mth check. I think im gonna be worried everytime i go until i hear them say your fine. Thanks for the advice on reoccurance symptoms, there good to know just incase, thanks for all your support and im now gonna focus on a cancer free xmas!!!
Good luck to you all and i hope you all get what you wish for for xmas

Great news Kirsty - now, try to focus on having a great Christmas x