Removed with LLETZ - will it return?


so I am not sure if I fit under ‘newly diagnosed’ so apologies.

3 weeks ago I had CIN3 removed via LLETZ. I was called into hospital today and was told the cells were cancer but has all successfully been removed with clear margins via LLETZ.

I am now terrified that they will return or that they may have missed something and they may spread.

Has anyone else had LLETZ and found the cancer return?

I am now on 6 monthly smears.

Many thanks 


Hi Lauren, sorry to hear of your diagnosis but it sounds like they caught it early and it's all been removed which is great. I'm assuming you're stage 1a1 so the chances of cancer returning are next to none as it was so small and wouldn't yet of had a chance to spread and was fully removed in the lletz. If you're having 6 monthly smears now they'll catch any changes early before they have a chance to turn. Think lletz at this stage has something like 95-98% cure rate so odds are hugely in your favour that you'll be fine now. I know how scary it is but they've caught it at the earliest possible stage, I had the same in 2015. I developed terrible anxiety and also had the fear that they'd missed something so they gave me an mri of the pelvis to reassure me, I also had a cone biopsy after the initial lletz to be sure nothing else there. Also if you smoke try and give up as smoking is known to increase risk of cervical abnormalities x 

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Hi Libby 

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

A friend asked me the stage earlier but they didn’t tell me and I didn’t think to ask, not sure how I can find out now.

I’m suffering anxiety and I’m so scared they’ve missed something, I have been in tears again tonight because I had a pain in my back and was thinking it was because they had missed it.

How can I get them to give me a pelvic scan?

I don’t smoke, but would deffo think twice if I did! 


lauren x 


I was told the size and stage when they called me in but if they didn't tell you then you can call the hospital and ask. I'm thinking if it's all been removed with one lletz and no other treatment being offered then it must have been very small 1a1. My hospital don't normally give mri's for 1a1 but I was in a terrible state thinking every twinge was cancer spread so they booked me in for an mri just to reassure me which was so good of them as it gave me some peace of mind so definitely ask your doctor or nurse about it. I was given a direct number for the nurse to call and it was her who sorted it all out for me. Are they giving you another lletz? Normally if they find cancer cells they do another round of lletz to get a good clear margin. Unless your first lletz had a good enough margin that they don't need to. Try to be reassured that it's been caught so early and fully removed, I got so depressed and anxious over it but had to keep telling myself how lucky I was that it was caught so quickly and cut out. Don't Google anything and if it gets too much see your doctor, I ended up taking anti anxiety meds for a while to get me through it. I think as time goes on and you get through your check ups that's when you start to feel better and reassured x

It is very scary and usual to think like this, I know I do and my heart goes out to you. You have lots of support here as you are not alone with this.  

It is very scary and usual to think like this, I know I do and my heart goes out to you. You have lots of support here as you are not alone with this.  

Hi Lauren

Its totally normal to feel like this. I was a 1A1 too, had a repeat lletz as no clear margins on the first one. The last lletz was 13th June. 

I’m awaiting a date for hysterectomy as my family is complete and I had adenocarcinoma which means I would have 6 monthly colposcopy instead of smears as it’s not as easily detected as it’s squamous cell counterpart. If it was a squamous cell cancer I would’ve stayed with 6 monthly smears,as it has a fab detection rate with them I would have been reassured. 


Hi ladies i was diagnosed 1a1 and it was removed with lletz had second lletz 17 th July.  Had a heamorrhage today and went to a and e which was terrifying and brought up so many negative  thoughts and anxiety. I didn't have an mri after diagnosis ?   Is it normal to have one ?   

Hi Eugene

I think it’s often standard practice to perform an MRI after diagnosis. Mine was thought to be 1B as there was a visible mass however after examination the amount of malignancy was nearer 1A so I had MRI to ensure no spread outside the cervix. I had repeat lletz to confirm staging.

Sorry you’re going through this too xxx

I was the same as you. I had a lletz where they said they got it all with clear margins. I was offered another lletz if I wanted just to check and that came back fine. I was 1a1 and when I asked my doctors they saw on my notes it was less than 0.1mm so that's very small. I have been clear (apart from an abnormal result on 2015 which was then fine in the colposcopy) for 5 years this Oct. I have yearly smear tests for 10 years.