Removal of Coil

Hi Everyone:) I had a colposcopy with treatment today which meant removing my mirena coil! I am devastated by this as I am 10 weeks out of surgery for endometriosis and the coil has been working well for me and gives me a small security that it will keep my endo and pain at bay. I think she said to me that it cant be fitted for 6 months but I cant really remember as i was upset. Does anybody know how quickly it can be put back in? Thanks

I had mine done almost 3 weeks  and the doctor left my coil in she moved the string away while she did the lletz and it was a large area to remove, I taught she would just remove it but I'm glad she didn't cos only in with 3 months 

Hi, i had cold coagulation done on thursday and had to get my coil removed too. My consultant told me to make another appointment for 4-6 weeks time to get a new one put back in, hope that helps :-) xx

Thanks for your reply. Yes I discovered they dont need to remove it too and even if they cut through the threads it can still be removed by other means. I suppose there is no point getting worked up about it now its done but i wish i had known this before.

Thanks for your reply...mmm....i wonder if the fact you had cold coagulation makes a difference to the timing? I will certainly check this thank you xx

I think it can be put back in 4-6 weeks after u have healed 



I also had my Mirena coil removed and they said that I could go back and get it fitted - 4-6 weeks after it's healed.


Hope that helps x