Remission scan

Hi ladies haven't been on jos in a while, but just wanted to let all the lovely woman who have been so supportive to me at the worst time of my life,know that my mri scan came back all clear and that I'm in remission, words can't describe how I'm feeling right now! i understand ive still got a long rd ahead of me in my recovery but I'm grateful to be were I am now. So thanks ladies your support has meant a lot. 

Take care



Fantastic news.....go and celebrate!

I don't know you Dominique, but this is absolutely brilliant news! Congratulations and best wishes xx

Thank you xx

Hello lovely lady,

I am so completely thrilled for you :)

Big hugs, Mandy xxx

Woo hoo, well done love xxx

So happy for you - you have made my day xx

Take care and celebrate xx

Fabulous news Dominique!!!

Enjoy and celebrate :slight_smile: xxx

Brilliant news Dominique, I am so, so pleased for you.

I have my 'year' MRI on Monday and keeping everything crossed it will be clear.




So pleased for you lovely.

Love hearing good news ;-)

All the very best for the future

Becky Xx

Great news xxxx

Thank you xx

Great news. x

That's brilliant news Dominique :-)


Be lucky


' Great news' best wishes xxx:-)

Thank you xx

Hi Dominique :)


I too have not been on for a while but i have just searched you to see how you got on.

I am over the absolute  moon for you thats fantastic when you hear that a lady has been successful  its a great feeling.

Im day 3 into my treatment ok so far but i guess still time for the effects to take place!

Good luck with the road ahead and take care xx

Thank you Paula good luck with everything too, I'm glad your doing ok with treatment just make sure you get plenty of rest hunni xx

Yeah im certainly  trying having a bad day today stomach ache and feeling cold but got to take the rough with the smooth xx

Hi Dominique, remember reading some of your posts when I log on, so happy for you!!! Take care & take it easy x