Hi Everyone Following on from my last post about the forum migration, I just wanted to send out a reminder that we will be moving to our new forum software across the weekend. The current forum will be closed on Friday 19th October at around 2pm to allow the developers to work on the most up to date version of the old forum without any new posts being attached. [color=#ff00ff]The new forum will then launch from 6pm on Monday 22nd October.[/color] All posts and private messages will be transferred from the current forum to the new forum. As we would like to still provide access to support 24 hours a day, a temporary forum will be launched in place of the current forum across the weekend until the launch of the new one on Monday. Any posts that are added to this temporary forum will be transferred across to the new forum on the Monday so nothing will be lost. Thank you to all of you who kindly came forward to give feedback and test our new system to put it through it’s paces. Your input was incredibly important in shaping this project. With regards to going forward with the new forum, it is very easy to use and all of our lovely testers were able to log on and find their way around without difficulty but, if you do have any questions once we move to the new forum, please do feel free to contact me at We’re really looking forward to providing you with an even better service. Best wishes Rebecca :smiley: