Relief at first 3 month checkup

Hi Ladies

Its a while since i posted but i do pop in sometimes and comment if i feel i can help someone.

Just had my first 3 month check up today and I feel a HUGE relief i have reached that milestone and come out the other side unscathed.

Have been so busy trying to get on with my life i didn't realise how significant to me this appointment was going to be. I had a few probs with infection post op and this check included a repeat CT scan as a result.

Doc was so thorough discussing every organ checked in the scan with me that for the first time i actually truthfully believe i have had all cancer removed:))

Its really hard to find and accept  a new normal and i am doing my best in every aspect of this crap situation and just wanted to share a little positive step i made today :))

Onwards and upwards then.......

Best wishes to everyone and may you all find some positives too


Hi Kath, 

Yay! So pleased for you. I could really relate to what you said, as well, about feeling relief at this check up. When I saw my consultant a few weeks ago, he said to me "I'm completely confident that nothing you're experiencing at the moment is because you've still got cancer. I am completely confident that you are free of cancer." I think I experienced the sense of relief that everyone had expected me to feel when I originally got my histology results, but of course at that point, having cancer hadn't sunk in yet, let alone not having cancer anymore, so that feeling that you describe of actually believing that the cancer has been removed, came later on at my check-up, rather than at my results. 

You're right, it is a crap situation, but I really believe that milestones like this build up over time and make a difference. Being pro-active in re-building our lives to how we want them to be, with those we love, will help us find the post-cancer 'new normal' as well I think. I'm sure it will take time but, little by little - with milestones like these along the way - we'll get there, I'm sure.

Much love,

Annabel. x 


Good to read your news Kath. Well done x

Hi Kath,

thanks for popping by and letting us know how you are doing...I often think about all the ladies who were going through surgery/treatment at a similar time to myself.  hope to be where you are soon x

Hi I'm new in this forum, was diagnosed October'12, as stage 2B2, right lymph node affected, so had to go for chemo/radiotherapy for 7 weeks.

( from 17th Dec12 - 31st Jan13). With good result, lymph node back to normal size and cancer can"t be seen in the cervic. A lso had 3 Brachy ended 29th Dec 12

Now due for MRI and CT scan in first week of May. Followed by 1st review.

I'm worried about pain in lowerback that doesn't go away , since I was told that my sigmoid looks suspisious when I was first diagnosed.





Brilliant news :slight_smile: xxx

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone doing well

I'm nearing my first MRI and Scan ( 01st May) ,and I'm doesn't help that now my thyroid is hyperactive making my super anxious and panicky...heart beat really fast , feeling like it's going jump out of my chest....