Reinfection HPV?

I’ve got my LLETZ tomorrow morning for CIN2 and I’m nervous. I’ve had HPV for 3 years, from my first smear aged 25. I probably had it longer pre smear.
I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with my husband for 7 years and I’m terrified to have sex with him after my procedure, just in case the treatment helps my body get rid of HPV but he still has it and gives it back to me. I read online that couples can pass it backwards and forwards to eachother.
Freaking out. We want children together. How can I get over this fear of being re-infected…

Hi @Emma2

You cant be reinfected with the same strain, once you have a particular strain of HPV you will always have it… when we ‘clear’ it we havnt got rid of it completely it is just in a state of dormancy it can reactivate, so its not necassarily true that couples pass it back and forth… many woman who havnt been sexually active since having a negative HPV result have had a positive at later smear, making it a reactivation rather than a reinfection xx