Reinfection 3 years after Lee

Hi everyone,

I am coming in here because 3 years ago I had a Leep for persistent high risk HPV and low/mod grade changes. I was clear for 3 years! I had our daughter and everything we well. I went for my annual pap and testing and the pap was clear but high risk e6/e7 hpv was positive this time- for 3 years I was negative. Has anyone had a reinfection of the same strain after a Leep?
We want to start trying for our second baby but now the doctor wants to do a colpo to look closer for cell changes even though pap was clear. I’d rather not be poking and prodding in there AGAIN until after we try and hopefully have our second. Is this normal to have a colpo after positive hpv but normal pap? Or are they just being extra cautious because of my history. Thanks for your help

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Hi @Kate083

There is no such thing as getting reinfected with the same strain we are only susceptible new ones, once we have a particular strain we always have it its just not always active, our bodies create antibodies so when we come into contact with that particular strain in the future we recognise it so it doesnt affect us, basically the same way in how the vaccines protect us against the targeted strains… but its not something you can pass back and forth between partners

What you will be dealing with is a reactivation, many people never have to deal with the same strain again after clearance but for a handful of people the virus can reactivate as HPV is a DNA virus and DNA can reactivate… studies suggest reactivation/redetection of the same strain happens in 10-20% of those who have been observed to have previously cleared the virus

Different countries have different protocols, in the UK we wouldnt normally be refered for a colposcopy if we are only HPV+ with a clear smear until usually 3 positives in a row even with past treatment… it may just be them being extra cautious or it could be your countries protocol (assuming your not from the UK as you referred to the treatment as a LEEP instead of a LLETZ, apologies if you are lol) xx


Yes, same exact situation for me. I had a LEEP 3 years ago after having my daughter for CIN 3/high risk HPV. Clear smears and HPV free for 3 years until my last pap. Now I’m back to abnormal cells and HPV+. So frustrating! I’m considering hysterectomy because I don’t have enough cervix left for another LEEP. But of course the ObGyn keeps reminding that won’t eliminate my risk…it will just mean they’ll have to check for VAIN :confused:

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I’m so sorry :frowning: It’s so heart breaking.
What HPV do you have? 16 and/or 18?

No. Not 16 or 18, but one of the other high risk strains. They say after 3 years it almost never comes back. I’m “special”!

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