Regretting turning down treatment

hi all, just returned from my 4th colposcopy in 4 years each one I've been diagnosed cin 1 with high grade Hpv and told I didn't need treatment this time she offered to treat me with lettz as the abnormal cells have persisted for so long even though they haven't got worse. I just panicked and couldn't face the treatment especially as she said she couldn't guarantee I wouldn't be back for colposcopy next year as lletz would remove the cells but not get rid of the Hpv and that I didn't need it medically as the changes are mild. I'm now massively regretting being such a chicken and thinking what if the cells progress too cin11 or 111 in the year before my next smear. What would you have done? I'm now looking at ways to boost my immune system to rid the hpv any surgestions on vitamins etc..? 


Hi Jayce, it's a tough choice, since abnormal cells aren't cancer, and most likely don't develop into cancer, but yet we never know what will happen. I think it's great you are thinking for yourself and deciding what treatment is right for you. If you search for cervical health, or 'curing cervical dysplasia naturally' on facebook you'll find some useful groups. There are some women in these groups who have even healed CIN 3 naturally. Although there hasn't been enough research to show that natural cures work, there are lots of anecdotal stories, so take a look, and you can decide for yourself. If you want to go back for treatment you can always change your mind. 

Personally I wouldn't have LLETZ  for CIN1 so long as you are having regular Colposcopy appts. Lifestyle changes may boost your immune system to help you fight off the HPV and the CIN1 would then rectify itself.

If you had LLETZ now it would remove some of your cervix which means if in the event you had CIN2 or 3 at a later date, you'd need more LLETZ this more cervix removed. There are implications on having a lot of the cervix removed such as risk of premature birth if you get pregnant.

That said, removal of the affected cells now could remove enough of the virus that your body fights the rest off and you might be lucky and it never ever comes back. 


Hope you manage to make a decision you feel happy with. Best of luck.