Refused smear test

I made an appointment to see the nurse for a smear test, have some lower aches, bit of spotting and a bloated tummy. My last one was done in Oct 2018. I was told when I got there that I would not get one, apparently even if I she did it, it would not get tested at the lab, just be thrown away. She had googled the advice she told me and I would not get a smear done, go home and read it was her advice. What a waste of the morning, not to say taking up an appointment which are rare to even get these days. So I have to now make another appointment with the doctor who will then refer you to the hospital gynaecologist if they feel they have too. My passed history is I have had pre cancerous cells removed many years ago, both my grandmothers had womb cancer and I think its ridiculous when the papers and online tell women to go and get a smear if you feel something is not right. I can not afford a private one, I find the whole episode just crazy.

I was also refused my last smear test when I turned up for my appointment. I had previously had positive HPV16 followed by one clear test. When I went for the second (hopefully clear) test a year later I was told I was over the age limit of 65 and even if she took it they would ‘throw it in the bin’.

2 Positive Superdrug tests revealed dangerous HPV’ (tho not 16 or 18). I’m going to try one more after using Papliocare and AHCC supplement then want to have a proper smear test to make sure all my cells are ok.

Any idea where to get this done…. or even what to ask for?
I understand why they want people to have smear tests but as there’s incidence of cc in mid 70/75 we’ve got to be worth it? Peace of mind is priceless. Thanks!

Hi @summer1066

A smear test is a simple screening test, but as you have symptoms it is appropriate that these should be investigated, first by going to your gp who will decide on a referral to a gynaecologist if necessary. The smear test is not a diagnostic test, so I believe that the advice you were given was correct. It’s not about getting a smear if you think something’s not right, it’s about making sure those symptoms are investigated.


Hi Summer1066 and welcome

It’s better that you see the GP as you have symptoms for which there could be a number of reasons; for example bloating can be a symptom of ovarian cancer which a smear test isn’t designed to detect.

I saw my GP when I had abnormal bleeding and he referred me urgently so I was seen within 2 weeks and I had various checks and tests done very quickly. If I’d just gone for a routine smear I might have waited several weeks for a result which wouldn’t have been good because as it turned out I had stage 2A cervical cancer.

Your symptoms could well turn out to be nothing serious but it’s best to be safe than sorry so do see your GP asap.