Refused screening

Hi there, for over a decade now I have had yearly smear tests as my sister died of the disease at the age of 27. I have also had colposcopy treatment following one abnormal  smear some years ago. 

I have moved recently and signed up with a new gp surgery and they have refused to give me a smear test as the guidelines say it's only necessary every three years. They said they could do a smear if I wanted but it's unlikely that the sample would ever get tested?! 

I feel quite upset by this and want to know if there's anything I can do to ensure I get tested?

I'll go private if I have to despite not having the funds to really do so, but don't know where to start. 

Any advice would be most welcome.

Many thanks in advance x 

Hiya, yes the NHS guidelines are for every three years unless you have treatment then you may be tested every year. You said that you had colposcopy treatment some years ago? If the follow up from this was no further treatment needed you would automatically go back onto the regular recall list and be asked back in three years. The only way to get round this would be tested privately but if you don't need to be tested every year surely it would be better to stay on the regular recall list?  It's up to you though 

Hi there. I was in this position whereby I felt something wasn't right after fitting of a coil, infection and subsequent problems so I went to the STD clinic just to be on safe side as I had a new partner for first time in 10 years plus I figured they would know what they are looking at? So I was all clear but the nurse wasn't too happy with appearance of cervix so she did a smear. 

The lab point blank refused to read it as was not due a scheduled one until 6 months later. When I did have the next one it was CIN3. 

Can your GP not write to the lab given your family history? This doesn't seem fair to me that you have been able to have this up until now but then have to go private? 

Sorry can't be of further help xx