Refused colposcopy even though GP referred me

ive been having problems with bleeding mid month, after intercourse and lost of cramping. I saw my GP who took swabs (negative) and then did an internal. She said she thought it was cervical erosion but my cervix is quite red with white spots so she referred me to the hospital for a colposcopy. As I'm 23 they won't do a smear test. 

My letter came and it said colposcopy appointment. I've been today and they refused to do a colposcopy. She just did a normal examination and said it's cervical erosion and it takes up quite a large area so she wants to laser it. I asked if this is causing a stomach cramps etc and she said we'll do the laser treatment and see what happens. I asked if I could just leave it but she said she'd advise treatment for such a large area..


Im now and considering paying for a smear privately. Would this be worthwhile please if anyone has had similar? I can't understand  she didn't give me a colposcopy like was arranged. Thank you. 

Anyone please? Xx

If she wants to laser it then this is done at that clinic anyway.

If you had a smear and it came back abnormal the next step would be for the lletz anyway so just have them do it.

They send that sample away to be tested too so it can pick up anything nasty.

Hope you get sorted x

Thank you. I don't believe she's going to take a sample. She just said we'll just wait and see what happens. I'm probably just overthinking it but thanks for your help x

Hi :) 

I just wanted to share my experience, not to scare you but to just be honest.

I had been going to the GP since i was 21 with symptoms. I was dismissed constantly because of my age. I did get referred to a gyneo and i too got told I had a cervical erosion.

But i was so fed up of worrying I ended up paying privately for a smear test. My results showed highly abnormal cells, I then got referred to colposcopy through the NHS.

All is fine now, although I am being referred back as I've been having a bit of spotting..

Please dont let the doctors convince you nothing is wrong if you feel there is. We know our bodies better than anyone.

My advice to you is pay for a private smear and take things from there.. You will get so much reassurance from it.

Im honestly not telling you this to scare you, i promise. It just annoys me when we get fobbed off because of age.

Message me if you need any advice etc :) 

I hope everything turns out okay for you, please try not to worry xxx