Refused a smear test after recent swabs

Hi Ladies,

Just looking for a bit of advice please.

I have been experiencing mid cycle bleeding and bleeding after sex for a couple of months. I made an appointment to see the doctor and a seperate appointment with the nurse for a smear test. The doctor carried out swabs at my appointment on Friday but when I went to attend my appointment with the nurse yesterday for the smear the receptionist told me that the nurse was refusing to see me becuase I had swabs taken on Friday by the doctor and I would have to wait 12 weeks until she would see me to do a smear! Is this right? I'm confused why the doctor took swabs on Friday after explaining to her that I had an appointment on Monday for a smear. The annoying thing is the receptionist said the doctor could have done everything at once on Friday or requested the nurse to do the swabs along with the smear on Monday?? I'm confused  now about what I'm meant to do. spend 12 weeks worrying? Has this happened to anyone else? 

Hiya Hun,

Im completely guessing here but I think the theory behind having to now wait is because any swabs you had taken could of irritated some of the cervical cells which if you was to now have a smear could give a false reading. However, what a farce they they couldn't just be done at the same time! Could of saved you all the time & you the worry. Would of been nice for you to know this before you attended your doctors appointment or at time of booking! I can only imagine your frustration.