Refused a smear but refered to gyny as urgent

Hello everyone ! Its been a long time since i was floating around this forum.
This place was a life line back in 2014 when i had my first ever smear which came back with high risk HPV , CIN3 and precancerous cells. I had the LLETZ loop, secondary biopsies , 6 monthly checks for a year increasing to 3 yearly checks. As far as im aware they got all the troublesome cells out and i went off on my merry way. The last couple of months however i have had issues wirh pelvic pain , heavier and more painful periods , ans bleeding during and after sex. Spoke to the gp who wanted to see me asap for a check (i cant have another smear until 28th september ) .
Shes noticed there may be some abnormalities on my cervix . The way she explained it is there looks to be some hormonal cells from the inside of the cervix on the outside. There also seems to be an area of red and a seperate area of white on the lines of my LLETZ scar tissue that shes not sure about . Ive been put through for an urgent referal to gyny . And now im trying really hard to not overthink it but in true me style im freaking out .
Has anyone been in a similar position and it just be scar tissue ? Ive never heard about hormonal cells being on the outside instead of inside either ? Sorry its long and a waffly post my brain is slightly scrambled and this is all very triggering because of situarions that happened the last time i went through all of this .
Thanks so much if you read this !

Hi @Queen_Beenie

This sounds very much like shes tried to explain that you have a cervical ectropion in laymens terms but made it more complicated by doing so, they are usually asymptomatic but they can cause problems for some people, I am some people lol

It goes by a couple of different names so different doctors may call it something different, it can be known as an ectropion, ectopy or a cervical erosion, it happens when the glandular cells that line the cervical canal are also present on the outside and is caused by hormone fluctuations its most commonly found in women of reproductive age and those on contraceptives and in some cases we can be born with one, but despite the name the cervix isnt actually eroding the glandular cells are just bright red so if the ectopion is obvious or large it can just look abit angry but its completely harmless

If symptoms do occur bleeding/spotting between periods and during/after sex is the most common aswell as increased discharge and pelvic pain especially during and after intercourse, these cells can be very fragile and bleed very easily when desturbed in any way i.e sex, the flow of a period etc even the pressure from our own discharge can ‘pop’ these cells if they are fragile enough

Its usually diagnosed when performing a pelvic exam/smear and although its completely benign they do need to take a closer look in more detail so they can rule out other things, in some cases an ectropion can look indistinguishable from CC but its not really a case of that they suspect thats what we have its more just a case of ruling it out xx

Oh thank you so much !
Im not on any forms of hormones and its only just become an issue over the last few months . I think im just on high alert ! I shall browse the site to see what the treatment is for it if any and how i can make it more managable .
Thank you !