Referred to Oncologist today..

Hey All. 
My gyno referred me to a oncologist today. I had my first closcopy when I was 23 and all was good until December of 2018. Had abnormal pap, another closcopy with CIN 3 found. Proceeded with LEEP in March. Got clear margins. 

First 6 month check up was all good. 9 month check up came back with abnormal cells. Closcopy confirmed CIN 2 and now I'm waiting for the oncologist to call. 

My gyno cannot do another LEEP at this point. I'm terrified I will have cancer. I'm 32. I wanted to have kids.

What happens next?

Hi lovely,

It’s a rubbish place to be at the moment - so sorry you find yourself here.At the moment you don’t know what is really going on, which is one of the hardest parts as your mind plays the ‘ what if’ game. Try not to if you can, take heart from all of the positive stories here from others that have been down this road. You  are in good hands and the Drs will do the very best for you including whatever they can re your fertility if you have treatment that affects it. 

Look after yourself right now and be kind to yourself. We are all here for you xxx