Referred to MDT what does this mean?!

Hello all!


Bit a rant to get this out of my system! Went for smear in Sept, results were severe dyskariosis, booked in for colposcopy and had lletz all within two weeks! So far so good! Waited the five weeks got the letter with no results just that I was being referred to MDT meeting and that it was routine and would hear back after 6 weeks. 


Why? do I need to be referred to MDT and why no information! Its driving me crazy.  My worries are because 5 years ago I developed pains in shoulder that spread to all my joints and it took until April this year to be formally diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis and get the drug treatment I needed to resolve the sypmtoms.  This was because my case was referred to MDT meetings as I wasn't showing the 'classic' symptoms of arthritis bah! This is the first time in 5 years I have been pain free and I cannot go through another round of bloods, scans, revolving my life around hospital waiting for a diagnosis. I felt so good after the lletz, the team I had were amazing, and I felt I knew what was happening, when my future care was going etc Now I am in turmoil and just ranty and moany!!!


I'm guessing if it was serious they would call me straight away? My dad has cancer and I'm a pharmacist so I treat cancer patients every day so I know deep down if it was bad they wouldn't be waiting potentially 8 weeks to start treatment on a patient would they?!

I've been referred to a mdt meeting too, sometimes they do it to see wheather tgey want to do more treatment and to make sure that the person treating you correctly, its basically a second opinion to see if they want to see you in 6 months or refer you back to your gp xx

Cheers love!

Really appreciate your response :) good luck in November with your treatment too xxx

Nope they definitely would not be waiting 8 weeks! I am positive about that. Sometimes when you don't have clear margins in the lletz sample they have an MDT meeting to see if they do more treatment (another lletz) or just monitor you. This is so that they give you the best care and don't over treat. When they do the lletz, some the tissue left behind also gets destroyed and the edges of the sample are Also 'burnt' so sometimes evein if they can't see clear margins they have actually destroyed all of the precancerous cells due to the 'burning'. So they may well have got it all but they have to be sure, which is why they have a meeting to decide what to do. relax and be glad they caught it before it had the chance to turn cancerous and they will make sure they have sorted you out properly xxxx

Like Nellie said it's very rare for there to be any cells left after lletz, don't worry about it :) the consultant secretary told me they have colp meetings once a month, it's just being cautious on treatment to determine if the route they have took or will take is the right decision :) xx good luck Hun xxx

have you phoned the clinic to ask for your results? I agree with the other ladies about not worrying about the meeting at all but be nice if they told you some results whilst your waiting xx

You GP may have also have been given more information, so might be worth asking them. Xx

Cheers ladies!

I'm just grumpy because I received the letter on Friday after work so have to wait until I can call someone bah! It just would be nice to be told, I deal with it every day at work, helping people to get the information they need, explaining the treatment, next steps etc.  We're supposed to be part of patient centered care yet the patient is so often the last to be told!!

I'm just cautious as rheumatology MDT opted for watch and wait with me (ie no treatment) so I had to go through five pain filled years of my GP attempting to help me before I finally got to a consultant that understood that being in your 30s and not able to reach above your head, do zips up or hold a toothbrush properly was really not a way to live! Also I know my condition could have caused the changes seen, and my treatment too as will my future treatment if my symptoms get worse (highly likely) which involves immunosuppressents etc which can cause cervical changes!!!

I'm just being a little selfish as I feel so healthy and felt so good after lletz, they were so helpful, so informative so to get a letter with so little information is frustrating!

Thanks for listening :) I'll pick up the phone this week and see if I can get the info I need for piece of mind.  Knowing you alll are out there and understand is of great comfort :)


Thanks again xxx