Referred for Colposcopy - how bloody long???!!!


Today i saw the Dr regarding some issues i've been having with abnormal bleeding and discharge, she took a swab but didn't have a look inside (i'd bought a speculum online and took pictures earlier!!) so i showed her those. She said she is referring me for a Colposcopy and should hear about an appointment in a couple of weeks??!!

Now obviously i am only one step closer to finding out what the problem is but this is going to be torture, i'm thinking about going private through the health scheme at work to get it done quicker!!

Does anyone know what the waiting time in Worcestershire is or does 'not long, a couple of weeks' mean i've been fast tracked?

Any advice would be greatly received!!!

And, does not looking inside mean she's not worried??? Would my picture have been enough, for a picture on my phone taken awkwardly by myself, it was very clear and quite clearly showed the growth plus where the bleeding/discharge was coming from!! So confused :(

hi I would try to ring your local colposcopy unit. There are a few in Worcs but I would ring your nearest and if you can accept a cancellation too. Let us know how you get on...

Good idea, the one i had in 2010 was at the Alex in Redditch so will ring them first!

I completely understand how frustrating it is having to wait for Colposcopy. I received my abnormal smear results on Saturday and was advised they would send a letter inviting me to the colposcopy clinic within 8 weeks. 8 weeks is far too long to wait to get a letter and then who knows when the actual appointment will be so today I have arranged to go private and am being seen next Monday - 1 week. I think I can manage that. All I need to do is see my doc tomorrow and get him to do a referral letter.

Not sure about wait time in Worcestershire, I'm in Edinburgh and have been told 8 weeks is pretty much the norm.

Best of luck with everything xx